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Etsy Savings Hacks

Can I make tax-exempt purchases on Etsy?

Yes. If you’re making a purchase that meets the qualifications for tax exemption, contact Etsy support, give them your order number(s), and attach your tax exemption form. They’ll take care of you.

Does Etsy offer free shipping?

Many, if not most, products come with free shipping either as a base benefit or by reaching an order minimum. The conditions for offering free shipping are up to the creator, however.

Am I able to earn Etsy rewards?

Etsy itself does not have a reward program, but some creators provide extra coupons or freebies to shoppers as a thank you for buying from their store.

Does Etsy have an email newsletter offer?

When you create an account, you can opt in or out of email settings. Opting in allows you to stay in the loop on new features, site updates, special events, and more.

Is there a dedicated page for Etsy sales?

There isn’t a single page of sales. If there were, it would be quite large! However, you can filter your search results to include special offers such as sales and free shipping.

Does Etsy offer any bulk or bundle discounts?

Depending on what you’re looking for, some businesses and creators on Etsy can and will provide discounts for multi-item purchases or even wholesale batches of products.

Does Etsy have any special deals or discount pages at all?

Hover over the “Gifts & Gift Cards” link in the header. There is a page for “Gifts under $30.” You might also find a link for “Editor’s Picks” on it if you want to see a curated page of cool creations.

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